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I have been doing treatments with Sapir for a few years now.  After my first treatment with her, I couldnt go anywhere else. She takes the time to listen to my concerns with my skin and matches specific products that are fit for me. I love her and have recommended her to all of my friends!

Rachel Heller


I suffered from oily skin and acne from a young age. Every time I would get a facial somewhere it would just get worse. I lost hope until I met Sapir. She knew exactly what to use on my face and even recommended an amazing acne cream that made my acne disappear completely! She gives the best facials and treatments ever! I started doing lash lift treatments with her as well. She is just so good at what she does. 

Koral Choen

I have this one scar on my face that I had since I was a little girl. I learned to live with it because I figured that nothing can be done to make a scar go away. Sapir actually made it so much less noticeable and I actually don't mind it at all now! She does the best treatments and takes her time. She follows up with you to see how you're doing after the treatment. Every time I see her I leave so happy and refreshed!  

Itay Barash

The best facial I've ever had. My skin glows for weeks after I do treatments with Sapir. I've never met anyone who just looks at your skin and knows exactly what you need. Oh and they are SO relaxing!! She uses these hydrojelly masks that feel so amazing on your face and are so hydrating! I cant get enough of her treatments I wait for them every month! 

Dana Davidson

image_6487327 (3).JPG

I always suffered from dark circles under my eyes. I tried hundreds of treatments and went to many estheticians but nothing worked. I spent a great amount of money just trying to find something that worked even just a little bit (I was desperate!!). Sapir was recommended to me by someone I knew who was doing treatments with her. She is the ONLY one who was able to get rid of my dark circles!!! I am beyond thankful that I met her. She changed my life!! 

Nataly Davidson

My skin is something I always had trouble with. I would break out easily whether it was from skin products or even things I would eat. Every few weeks my whole face and chest would break out and I would not want to leave my house at all until it went away. The worst part was that makeup couldn’t even cover it. When I met Sapir she put together a treatment specifically for my skin. She was able to get rid of my acne completely and I feel so confident now when I put my makeup on. I think Sapir has magic hands because she was the only one that was able to get rid of my acne for good.

Marlies Bauer Bell

Alora Kinley

I am 21 and had never had a facial until I went to Sapir skin care! I had had really bad acne, with really bad scaring. Immediately after my first visit I felt fresh and clean and it was the most relaxing and enjoyable moment I had ever experienced for my skin. I have even fallen asleep on her table she’s that good. I can see a difference in my skin from day one to today. Even if it is a lil while between apts. she even has chocolates, like WHAT! She’s just the best”


Sandra Shore Goldfarb


Stacey Kalchman

I came to Sapir for a facial after a crazy breakout I had just before my 30th birthday and was scared it wouldn't go away before my party. she was so welcoming and sweet and reassured me that i would have my skin back to normal before my big day. she is a professional in every aspect, she's gentle and comforting. she really knows what she's doing! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a great medical esthetician.

Roshelle Eden

I can't say enough good things about Sapir. I came to her a year ago hopeless about the pigmentation I have on my skin due to too much sun exposure. I previously tried every cream that is supposed to help with lightening pigmentation but nothing helped. Sapir started doing treatments in that area and its almost completely gone!! By the third treatment I already saw a huge difference. She is the only one that was able to help me. She's so patient and kind and truly cares about her clients and their well being. Thank you!! 

Dr Amy Elizabeth


Lee Alon

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