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24K Gold Facial

This facial uses a mask of pure 24 karat gold. Gold is well known for it's ability to remove toxins, repair oxidation damage, improve the appearance of age spots, accelerating cell renewal and decreasing skin inflammation. The gold facial also assists in lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation, while helping to enhance skin elasticity.


Deep Cleaning Facial

This Facial begins with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation. We then perform extractions followed by application of two sterilizing and brightening peels beneficial for all skin conditions. 


Microdemabration Facial

A preferred treatment for congested and acneic skin types and instances of dryness and depletion, the Essential Microdermabrasion Facial utilises diamond microdermabrasion to polish, re-texturise and thoroughly cleanse the skin. This treatment also increases the absorption potential of active and correct serums at home.


Chemical Peel

This skin-resurfacing procedure uses a chemical solution to improve and smooth the texture of the skin by removing its damaged outer layers.

Especially effective on uneven skin tone, acne, wrinkle and fine lines.

I will choose specific peel for you skin needs


Cosmelan treatment

World’s leading professional depigmenting  treatment that removes spots fully and prevents their reappearance for a short-term outcome, while being able to maintain hyperpigmentations under control for a longlasting outcome.

Can treat all types of pigmentation such as melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation, solar and senile lentigo (age spots) and freckles


Non Surgical eyelift

Multi Step Treatment made specifically for the delicate eye area. Using a specifically formulated peel, treat under eye bags and dark circles, drooping upper eyelids and fine lines and wrinkles.


Microneedling treatment

 A minimally invasive procedure designed to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, create a more even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars. skin needling and collagen induction therapy using sterile, disposable tips. Each tip contains 12 “micro” needles to pierce the skin at very specific therapeutic depths.  The thousands of tiny needle pricks stimulate collagen and elastin production.


Oxygen Facial

 A powerful cocktail of ingredients is infused into the skin using pressurized oxygen, repairing the skin at a cellular level while improving your skins moisture levels. The serum is a combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E and green tea, which instantly hydrate the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, leaving your skin balanced and glowing. 


Non surgical face&neck lift

evolutionary treatment to instantly lift and firm the skin. Snail Peptides and Protein bind with the skin and create a firming and lifting process that can be seen and felt within minutes. More importantly, as the treatments sets in, the ingredients of alpha hexylpeptide-8, also known at the "botox" peptide, and snail peptides are delivered deep into the surface of the skin for restoration and rejuvenation


body treatment

Strach mark treatment

Clinical proven treatment to reduce the appearance of strach marks.

This treatment constricts and tightens the skin and promotes the production of collagen and elastin fibers. follow with LED light therapy that leads to quicker and more dramatic outcomes for stretch mark reduction.


Body countoring

Nonsurgical fat reduction procedure offering quick and effective results. 


This non-invasive treatment includes absolutely no downtime, pain, or discomfort, and works wonders at reducing cellulite, skin elasticity, burns fat at a faster rate and improves overall body profile.


add ons

boost your facial with 50$

LED Light Therapy

anti-aging and acne fighting led therapy first developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy producing pockets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. This is safe, painless and effective as it covers a wide variety of skin concerns.

Hydrojelly Mask

provides multiple benefits to your skin such as Hydrating, Smoothing, Moisture Retention, toning and reducing inflammation.  Hypoallergenic and smooths skin leaving it with a glow-like appearance


extra time for extractions! 25 min

Oxygen infusion 

A powerful cocktail of ingredients is infused into the skin using pressurized oxygen, repairing the skin at a cellular level while improving your skins moisture levels


Gua Sha is an ancient healing technique where we bring about a fundamental change in the skin by clearing blockages, creating space and movement in the underlying structures, so that the skin can function better.

Facial Cupping

Boosts Collagen, Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles by Safely and Effectively Plumping Up Skin Tissue, Improves Blood Supply to the Skin Surface to Increase its Suppleness.

lashes & eyebrows

Lash Lift

New innovative way to perm, lifts, curls, tint and enriches the tone of your eyelashes and keep them looking curly and dramatic for 6-8 weeks.

3 step process that perms, neutralized, and conditions the natural eyelashes. 

A great alternative to lash extensions that make your eyes bright and awake. 

say goodbye to your mascara and curler


boost your facial with 30$

    Lash lift: $100

Lash lift& Tint: $120

Eyebrow Shaping

Grooming of the eyebrows by plucking, tweezing or waxing to suit the facial features


boost your facial with 30$


Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows


boost your facial with 30$


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